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About us

Healthyuk set up in 2005 with one objective in mind; to provide all customers with an easy, fast and informative online shopping experience. Since then our dedicated team have worked hard to bring the best genuine brands in the health industry from around the world to your doorstep.

Attention to detail

We ensure that all our listings equip you with the necessary knowledge to make a well informed purchase. You will find that all products are accompanied by a rich description, high quality images and any extra additional information we find is relevant. If you find that you require more information before making your purchase please contact us.

Up to date

You won’t miss out on anything. Every month we browse for new and exciting products to add to our extensive catalogue. We also dedicate time to ensuring our existing listings are kept up to date with any changes made by the manufacturers, from labelling to tiny adjustments to the list of ingredients, if it changes we will know about it.

Nothing is wasted

We go further than most online retailers and do more than just caring about the health of our customers, we care about the health of the earth. All boxes in good condition are reused and the ones in bad condition are shredded to be used as parcel fillers. Coupled with our use of biodegradable packing materials we are proud to say that we are environmentally friendly.